The Greatest Guide To kemti achhu

Ok jariye or upore ese uthi. Ek hath diye barata r munditar chal charai. Khiche dite thaki ar boli –

O duhathe amar pachar dabnaduto dhore thaite garie para guder jal chatte thake. Thai sesh kore gudeta chete dite thake. Or nojor pore amar guder bhagankurer dike. Aste kore dant bosiye dei. Dui thoter majhkhane chepe chuste thake.

Mami pa dutoke fak kore amar samne dhorlo.nijer mukh theke kichu thuthu niye gud choose malis kore bollo ne dhoka ebar.ami amar bara take dhukiye dilam mami er gud e .diye thap marte laglam.mami er mai dutoke eki sathe dabate laglam.mami chitkar kora suru korlo..bokachodaaa jore chod na.

Get Notified about the newest hits and trends, so that you will be constantly on top of the most recent in music In regards to your buddies.

Kintu separjyanta mun jani nathili jhia pilanka Biare hole thae boli nahele kebethu Ritu ku gehi sarantini (mo bhasare ta chuin Biare mo Banda bharti kari sarantini).

Tui o kaje laga. Toke ei rokom costume e dhekhle je keo e korte chaibe. Chudiye ne. valo bara hole amakeo chodate keo jante parbe na. dujonei aram pabi.

Tama bala dekhile para mo banda pura puri 90 degree hoee thia hoee jaee. Aau bi tama bala ku bele bele moon mo bandare ghasi diee. Se kahile more info sala tu ta paka khande achhu. Are moon bhabu chhi tu chhua ta dekhila bele ku tote sabu jana acchi. Sethu se kahile tahele ye arranging heeuchhi tora. Moon kahile haan. Ye sabu mora scheduling thila.

The ICHD-2 classification puts cranial neuralgias and other kinds of neuralgia in a unique class. In line with This technique, you'll find 19 forms of neuralgias and complications on account of unique central brings about of facial soreness. Also, the ICHD-two includes a class that contains many of the problems that can not be labeled.

You will find over two hundred different types of head aches. Some are harmless and several are lifestyle-threatening. The outline in the headache and conclusions on neurological examination, identify regardless of whether extra checks are needed and what treatment method is very best.[three]

Its a really great app for downloading songs but what can make it weak is usually that it hangs for the duration of taking part in and downloading a song.

Following time mun dokanru condom packet kiniki neiaasili. Sanga mankathu luchei ki rakhithae, Ritu aasile chupki pindhinie.

Amar mami er boyos 36. Kintu buk r pacha ja ache ta dekhe amr bara khara hoye jai. Mami k chutam majhe majhe kintu chudte parini.Tar bodole ami mami er boro meye ruchi k chudtam.

For people with prolonged durations of cluster complications, preventive therapy could be important. Verapamil is suggested as to start with line remedy.

Quite a few complementary and substitute procedures can help with migraines. The American Academy of Neurology tips for migraine procedure in 2000 stated leisure training, electromyographic comments and cognitive behavioral therapy can be considered for migraine treatment method, as well as remedies.[forty five]

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